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The grass is growing, flowers and trees are budding, and we are back fishing our local waters here in the Greater Yellowstone Region!

After a long winter, we are excited for the upcoming fishing season. Western River Anglers is taking advantage of our nice spring weather to fish and train our staff. We are proud to have 100% returning guide staff this season. Our aim is to always improve with the goal of excelling and outperforming our competition.

Hope is in the air that the worst of the pandemic is behind us. Western River Anglers is seeing strong early-season bookings and preparing for a very busy summer and fall. As a heads up, we recommend making your reservation for a Western River Anglers fishing trip as soon as possible to ensure availability for your preferred dates.

As always, Western River Anglers will do our best to create a safe and friendly experience. We will continue to offer our flexible cancelation policy as well as our optional COVID safety offerings.


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